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As Good As Gone Tacos

Most people who blog…

Most people who blog have quite a lot to say. I, on the other hand, leave all the talking to my characters. So, what to put here comes as something of a challenge.

For now, as this is post numero uno, I’ll keep it to the following:

  1. Thanks for reading!

  2. Usually this space will contain updates from The Aykler Report, my almost monthly newsletter (subscription link in the menu above and the note below).

  3. The photo above depicts one of the finest taco experiences I ever had. So wonderful, in fact, that I would dare to say it redefined me as a person and a writer. I know. I know. I’m exaggerating, but I think you might be getting the point about just how good it seemed at the time. There was life before those tacos. And there is life after.Anyway, from then on, I have looked at the best things in life and asked myself, “Is it as good as gone tacos?” I ask that with every book I put out. I don’t dare answer out loud, but I don’t dare publish without knowing where my work stands on that kind of rubric.Let me know what you think as you read along, it’s the only way the tacos get better.

Yours in undead infection affection, Al-not-bert Aykler


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