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Just Say Zombie – Now Available on Amazon

I am happy to announce that Just Say Zombie, Book Three in the Silvercrest Experiment series, is now available for download and on Kindle Unlimited from Amazon.

We begin right where Welcome to the Zombie Mill left off, in a Silvercrest run psychiatric facility. Is Sid delusional? Is he delusional in a world with real zombies? Why does that guy down the hall look so much like his old pal Ziggy? There are plenty more teasers in the description at Amazon.

This one wraps up a lot of the Sid Singleton story line, while opening the door to a lot of other monster mayhem in the Silvercrest Experiment universe. It’s best read as the conclusion to the this trilogy, so if you hand it off to friends and fellow zombie fans, be sure to send them the first two books as well.

If you are making a trilogy recommendation, shoot me an email and I will provide a one time discount via Amazon for your friend.

Yours in undead infection affection, Al-not-bert Aykler


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