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The Aykler Report #19

Somehow Sri Lanka!

I am writing to you from the paradisiacal island in the Indian ocean that swallowed Arthur C. Clarke whole! He landed here on his way to Australia and never managed to pull himself away. I’m not all the way down this island’s proverbial gullet yet, but this amazing place has taken more than a small nibble out of my heart. I’ll leave here happier for having visited and sad if I don’t set my sights on returning someday.

In other news: we have another giveaway of my novella, Spewing Hot Zombies. Whether or not you have it, please check out the giveaway. This time, I have the good fortune of riding along with a great bunch of Horror authors and their stuff is well worth checking out before they start raking in Stephen King money for their scream worthy tales. See some of the sample titles in the note on the giveaway below.

Yours in undead infection affection,

Al-not-bert Aykler


March 2022 Giveaway


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