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The Aykler Report #2 – Books, books, books!

Welcome to the Zombie Mill

Book Two in the Silvercrest Experiment is already a few weeks old. From the looks of things, readers of Book One are picking up where Sid left off and diving right into his whole Milltown situation. I’m looking to release the paper version later this month as well. The announcement for that will likely be rolled into the Book Three email (see below).

If you haven’t checked it out, there’s no time like the present! And drop me line, jot a review, or hail me via one of the book-centric social media sites below! I’m always eager to know what you think!

Social Books!

If you have a Kindle you have probably heard of Goodreads, the Amazon owned social media site for book lovers. I recommend setting up an account simply because it’s free as well as pretty easy from the Kindle.

For me, the big benefit of Goodreads are the recommendations and community built lists of books by genre, author, era, and any other way you might imagine books can be categorized. Go check it out! We can be book friends!

Goodreads has some competition: Bookbub. I hadn’t heard of it until I hit the net looking for ways to promote The Silvercrest Experiment. It’s a great site, with loads of active content and recommendations by other readers. They have a nice interface and I have been enjoying posting book recommendations there of late (not all of them my most recent reads). And it’s free!

If you want to see how I think about books and possibly pick up a good book rec or two, check out my Bookbub page. We can be book friends there too!

Next Up: Just Say Zombie

This newsletter hit the fibers a little later than planned as I have been banging away at Book Three in the Silvercrest Experiment. It’s pushing me along just as much or more than I’m pushing it at this point.

Without giving too much away, expect a whole lot of crazy from Sid (and some other familiar faces too)!

Watch your inbox, I’ll be sending a release announcement and cover reveal as we get closer to the actual go live date. Targeting early April for release on Amazon Kindle.

Yours in undead infection affection, Al-not-bert Aykler


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