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The Aykler Report #20

2023 Launch Window

Well, that year went by fast! Looking in my mail program, I see that the last one of these I sent off was in March 2022. Truth is, I haven’t had much news to report since then. Traveled to about a dozen different countries. Got sick. Got better. Got sick again. Got better again.

Got stuck on a novella. Started another book. Set it aside. And started another. And now I’m finishing this one. It’s a shift from zombies to a Sci Fi Crime story set on a very wet planet. That’s all the teaser I’m giving now, but expect a cover reveal newsletter next month along with more definite release dates.

Early May

Official e-book release of the new book Amazon only. Newsletter discounts!

Yours in undead infection affection,

Al-not-bert Aykler


Admin stuff


Due to some changes with my current group email solution, I will be moving this list to a new provider. This may require a new opt-in process and all that fun. So, if you see some emails about that in the coming months, please bear with me.


I’m planning on rolling out a new site design with the new book, probably something more in line with the theme and cover. The biggest shift will be my attempt to offer the Silvercrest Series there for direct purchase now that I’m not locked into the Amazon exclusive for those books. I’ll keep you posted as that becomes a reality.


Ratings and Reviews

If you can spare five minutes, please leave a review for one of my books at Amazon, Bookbub, or Goodreads. Reviews have a huge impact on my ability to keep creating stories — cast iron frying pan flying at great speed into a squishy zombie nose kind of impact.


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