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The Aykler Report #4 – Widely Social Zombies!

I have a Facebook Page

That’s right. I now have a public Facebook page. If you do the whole FB thing, please check it out, comment, share, like it, etc. Hope to see you there!

Just Say Zombie

Just Say Zombie - paperback

If you haven’t checked it out, there’s no time like the present! And drop me line, jot a review, or hail me via one of the social media sites below my signature! I’m always eager to know what you think!

Going Wide

In the world of independent publishing, “going wide” means selling through online stores other than Amazon like AppleBooks, GoogleBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble (there are even more internationally).

The independent author/publisher relationship with Amazon is set up to make it advantageous for authors to sell via Amazon exclusively for at least the first 90 days of any book’s release. And you can renew that exclusivity to continue those benefits. Many authors never go wide with their stuff because they figure it’s just not worth the effort. 

Me? I like alternatives. So, here I go trying this whole “going wide” thing. Cinco de Zombie will be hitting the other major ebook retailers later this month.

Depending on how it does there, I may make the other books in the Silvercrest Experiment series available in September. Doing this also provides a small way of supporting independent bookstores that are affiliated with these channels.

So, please tell all the non-Kindle using friends that my books are coming to their preferred store/platform soon.

The PreOccupied Soapbox

At the risk of offending some readers or causing controversy, I’m going to include a few words from my personal soapboxes relating to my preoccupations with current events. I’ll keep it short and if you don’t care what I think, don’t read it. If you do, here it is.

Covid-19 is still here and will be for a long time. Though everyone is working to figure out how to get back to something resembling normal, that’s not going to be so easy. But… humans have been negotiating with diseases for a long time.

In the end, science wins, but only if we use what it teaches us rather than react to it.

Do with that comment what you will. I’ll step off that soap box now. Next…

Black Lives Matter. The truth of it should be obvious, but to some it’s not and that’s why it needs saying. It may need to be repeated for a long time yet. Racism is an ancient wound and persistent societal ill whose cure demands a lot of everyone involved (i.e. everyone). That includes making demands of guys like me writing about zombies, maybe even more than other writers because zombie and monster stories are metaphors for what plagues society. Much more could be said about all this, but for today, I’ll repeat the truth driving change around the world. Black Lives Matter.

Yours in undead infection affection, Al-not-bert Aykler


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