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The Aykler Report #7 – Criminal Changes

Criminal Changes

As a hint to what I’m working on these days, let me just leave this picture of a coffee and donut right here. The photo has added relevance. As I juggle work on the new book with preparing the Singleton box set, I am chugging down more jitter juice than usual these days .

The new series throws an updated version of an old school monster into a classic crime thriller story. Surprisingly, there is a whole genre at Amazon for this particular thing.

That’s all I am going to tell you for now, because anything more would qualify as a spoiler.

Cover reveal and release dates coming soon!


Singleton Box Set Coming Soon

We are making the whole Singleton series more convenient for everyone. L&W publishing is putting together a new box set that will include an exclusive Singleton story unavailable anywhere else.

To thank you newsletter subscribers for your support and give the book a bit of a jump start, I will be offering the whole Kindle box set for 99 cents for the first 24 hours of its release on Amazon. I won’t be promoting this discount anywhere else, so consider this is an exclusive.

Look for announcements leading up to and on the release date to make sure you have a chance to grab the set and/or gift it to a friend.

Yours in undead infection affection,

Al-not-bert Aykler


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