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The Aykler Report #9 – New Year! New Book!

The New Sid Singleton Story is spewing hot zombies!


“Spewing Hot Zombies” is currently only available in the new Silvercrest Experiment Volume 1 Box Set.

Want to read it now for free? Join my advanced reader group, AARG! You get my books early. I get feedback via quick online surveys and/or an email prior to the release. I’m particularly interested in anything you can share about this prequel story, as I have a raft of them planned. Find AARG! membership details in the footer of this email.


Schedules, Plans, and Other Foolishness

First, about the box set release delays: I have had A LOT of distractions this past year. Besides all the ways our world is dancing on the edge of oblivion, I moved to a new continent!

Second, you may remember that other project, the whole new series thing that I was talking about in my last few reports. Well… that’s also delayed. Thanks to my beta readers this is going to take longer but it will be that much more badass. Werewolves are on the horizon!

Third, I have even more stuff in the hopper. This includes another Singleton short story. But that’s not all, I may be sending you all a very brief survey in the next few months to get a little guidance on that. In the meantime, know that I am typing as fast as I can!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the new Sid Singleton story “Spewing Hot Zombies.”

Yours in undead infection affection,

Al-not-bert Aykler


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